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image of an airplant set in a conch shell

I just returned from a trip to DC where I reconnected with a friend that shares my love for craft.  She had so many original ideas around her house and generously let me document and share those ideas with you.   This is a wonderful gift idea:  She takes airplants (Bromeliad Tillandsia) set in a bed of spanish moss (you can find it in the floral department of craft stores) and nestles them into sea shells.  She then finds/makes creative stands for the shell and presents the whole unit with a tiny spritz bottle (like those used for cleaning eyeglasses) to keep the plant fresh.  It’s a wonderful low-maintenance way to bring some living green into a small space.  Shown here is a conch shell.  She gave one to me when I moved and it was set in a gorgeous nautilus shell with a mesmerizing mother-of-pearl finish.  I’ll be posting more ideas from my friend soon.  Thank you Audrey Anne, for sharing your creative eye!   ~Sean is a great resource for learning about caring for or purchasing airplants.  They have generously offered a 10% discount for anyone who finds them through our blog.  Simply leave a note in the “instructions for the seller” box that you found their site through Qprojects blog and your charge will be adjusted manually, I believe.  It looks like they are running some  great July sales. (This is not a sponsor, I jut like the content of their site). was kind enough to offer Qproject fans 10% off orders of $10 or more! Simply use coupon code Seashells 624.

nautilus shell

nautilus shell


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