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who says vanity is a bad thing?!

Vanity Before

$3 is cheap for the cost of beauty.

I couldn’t help but take pity on this legless vanity offered up at a yard sale for a mere $5.  It is not anything special–not vintage, antique or beautiful, partly pressboard.  But, I thought, if I don’t adopt it, no one else will.  Just to try to leave a little to fate, I offered them $3 and they accepted.  I’m making it my personal mission to somehow modernize this ho-hum piece.  Here are some thoughts:  First, select a zingy color like avocado or electric yellow.  I’m thinking about stencil etching a quote in a modern sans serif font to frame the mirror.  I’d also like to decoupage some of your beautiful inspiring papers on it somewhere–the top or wrapping the curvy sides?  It would be a great excuse to visit your paper store (what was the name of it?)!  I also like the idea of creating some sort of art collage, like covering it in pictures of other vanities, or vain women LOL, or some theme, like Alice in Wonderland.  Or, maybe I should just push it all the way over to an art piece and really give this little lady some legs to stand on!  I might end up replacing the legs if something comes up somewhere.  I’m open to suggestions from visitors, as long as suggestions don’t include making it pink with a princess theme.  I guess I really want something that’s going to move against it’s naturally frilly tendency.  What do you think?


July 4, 2010 at 6:03 am 4 comments

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