Hello fellow repurposers!

Please click here to see more amazing BEFORE & AFTER transformations by Beth & Sean!

My good friend and fellow Mom, Elizabeth and I have been sharing repurposed furniture projects via email.  We have been exchanging tales of triumph and woe, $5 chairs and failed paint jobs.  We often shared favorite blogs of similar-minded  inspiring refinishers.

As I was working on some e-marketing for a graphics client, I began thinking that we exchanged enough quality information and experience to merit a blog.  But, as busy Mom’s (5 boys between the two of us), we’ll have to keep our format short and sweet.  For now, we’ll aim for before & after pics with summaries of our email exchanges.  If nothing else, it will be a great repository of our creative journey for our own amusement.  But, if our stories enlighten others, too…well, that would just be swell.  We’ve named it “Q Projects” after our fine city’s nickname “Q” (for AlbuQuerque).

We met online when I was giving away a table base on Craigslist.  We struck up a virtual conversation about what I was doing with the top and she was doing with the base.  We found a kindred mind and began sharing more emails about crafting and parenting.  I was shocked (not really) to find we not only shared a passion for repurposing thrift store finds and raising boys, but we  both had 1st generation Asian Moms and both had backgrounds in architecture.  Despite our similar backgrounds, we have much to learn from one another.  Well, the punchline of the story is that neither of us has done anything with our respective parts of the table.  We’ve decided we should reassemble the halved-table.  I expect it will be our first collaborative project!

What you will find here on our blog is the ongoing dialogue between two artists as we rise and fall against the current of making.

We invite you to share your own tales.  In the meantime, enjoy our new blog!

~  bloggers Sean & Beth


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